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Messages are stored in the inbox, which is accessible via the icon on the top right of the homepage.Pass: Action represented by a cross to express a lack of interest.Crush: A Crush is created between two profiles and triggered by a Like on both profiles.

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virtualeconomy01_077_Linden Lab CEO and founder Philip Rosedale plays his company's latest version of Second Life, a popular online game on 7/27/05 in San Francisco, Calif. "I know who you are," types the person you're flirting with, suddenly using your real name, not your protective Second Life pseudonym.

Second Life is a virtual world that is part computer game, part Internet chat room, part unscripted movie set. "I know where you live." This is the nightmare scenario that the people at Linden Lab hope never happens, a collapsing of the digital wall that separates the real world from the fantasy world, the exposing of carefree Second Life inhabitants to real-life stalking and other dangers. "Unfortunately," Rosedale added, "to create a world that's better than the real world, we run the risk of some of the more unsavory aspects of the real world creeping in." That happened last Friday when Linden Lab discovered that its system had been penetrated.

This function is confidential and no notification is sent.

'Passed' profiles will not appear on the Member's timeline in the future, unless he or she decides to cancel the Pass, which is free of charge and easily done under “Preferences.”Services: All services (both charged and free-of-charge) offered by HAPPN to encourage virtual or real-life meet-ups between Members who have crossed paths and who have a mutual interest in one another according to the selected search criteria.

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