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In total we received 29 email so far from women who are supposedly interested in us.We cannot click on any of the links to actually view the emails we can only read the subject line and see who has mailed us.

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You should be looking for a long-term, regular booty call.

Even so, a one-night stand is going to cost you some money.

VIP members are the amazing people who support the site financially through their membership.

They can contact whomever they like and have full access to the site. We only use your email to notify you of any activity on your profile but you can always opt out.

Your personal email and details are not on display.

Even your bank statement won't show Aussie-Affair on it.

So, you cannot read any emails messages which would be completely fair if the site was legitimate and actually worth paying for.

The truth is though that these emails are not being sent to us from real people.

Please read through our guide before ever signing up for any site and read the reviews.

Our list of the Try the affair sites below at your own risk. You might be wondering how on earth there are so many affair websites but only 3 are good places to find a hookup.

You will find a community of people looking to make friends, meet up or simply exchange experiences of a wilder and more adventurous sex life.

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