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In 2010, the number of full-time male and female prostitutes was estimated at 20,000 – 30,000, with 80% being foreigners.Abby Winters gets just about everything right in our book. Every subculture needs to get down every once in a while, and indie kids have it rough.

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This is REALLY these girls' first time doing anything like this, and they're not just saying that.

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At Catholic University, which just recently reinstated same-sex dormitories and where the school administration has been very vocal in opposing binge drinking and premarital sex, Muslim enrollment has doubled in just four years.

Nationwide, the growth in percent of Muslim freshman students at Catholic colleges and universities is significantly outpacing that of enrollment at secular schools.

And they are finding that despite theological differences that run deep, shared perspectives about modesty, chastity, and dignity run deeper.

At Georgetown, the Muslim Interest Living Community (MILC), originally “designed to create a strong support group for Muslims and non-Muslims who want to be steadfast in prayer and in their commitment to campus building and cooperation,” provides a haven for students seeking an escape from alcohol and hook-ups.As one female Muslim student at Catholic University put it, “They have the same values we do.” Sarah Mumma, a devout Catholic and recent graduate of Northwestern University, affiliated herself closely with the Muslim Cultural Student Association during her time there.The college microcosm has seen the idea of sex, and the larger picture of romance in today’s society develop dramatically over the last decade.In years past, up to half of its residents have been non-Muslim.Noreen Shaikh, a resident of the MILC, says the community offers “an alternative way to spend Friday and Saturday nights outside the realm of parties and clubs.” Muslim enrollment at Catholic universities is surging.This raises a number of question: Why do we slut-shame women for having a lot of sex, yet fist-pump men for the same actions? Why is hookup culture so pervasive if it leaves so many feeling unsatisfied? People claim our generation grew up living through technology and simply does not know how to interact face-to-face, as putting oneself out in the open is an opportunity for emotional pain and distress that could feel simply unbearable.

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