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Hence, she invites her “sexy young stud” to move in, raising concern in her housekeeper and other curious onlookers.

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Tomlinson shared a photo on social media of the two on Saturday with the caption, “Me and Mr. Celebrating life, love, health and happiness with this beautiful soul. Heart of GOLD but he said "A silver a dweet"🤗😍 @kingbeenieman pitcha time!

Heart of GOLD but he said “A silver a dweet” @kingbeenieman pitcha time! Beenie, 42, real name Anthony Moses Davis and Tomlinson, 26, have been dating for months now, the two were spotted as far as January kissing in public at Rebel Salute 2016.

At the age of Eighteen Bar-Bee embarked on a solo careen recording her first single Missing you featuring Junior Kelly.

This single would go on to receive tremendous airplay through out the Caribbean , North eastern United States, South Florida and Canada as well as Nigeria and West Africa.

In the opening scenes of the play she comes across as an uptight prude who is lost in work and always arguing with someone, whether it’s her free-spirited housekeeper, Sheryl (Carlene Taylor/Zandriann Maye) or Janice (a delightful Marsha Campbell) from the company where she works.

When Janice invites her out to ‘Bembe’ (of all places) one night, Marilyn meets Donald (Creary), the handsome and sweet-talking sound system selector, who is nearly 30 years her junior.NBA baller Amare Stoudemire has found himself a real life Barbee doll.Stoudemire, who was last linked to R&B singer Ciara, is rumored to be now dating Jamaican reggae fusion singer Barbee.According to Alexander, Barbee had a small disagreement with Blue and in gesticulating he accidentally hit her in the eye."I don't know what caused the friction, I have heard some wild stories, but what I do know is that Blue has since apologized to Barbee," Ray told this Yard Flex reporter.Among the wild rumours making the rounds is that Barbee was jealous because Beenie Man was flirting with a girl, but Alexander dismissed it claiming that most of the girls around were friends to both parties.

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