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She was also back-up anchor for the CBS Evening News with Russ Mitchell.She also appeared as headline anchor for CBS This Morning Saturday and The Early Show’s Saturday edition.

But as the time passed she realized that journalism suited better to her and she switched her path.

Prior to joining NBC, she had experience of working for different channels. During her two years stay at CBS, she hosted CBS Morning News and Up to the Minute.

She worked for CNN for six long years before moving to NBC.

Everyone related to the Television network has been impressed by her hard work and dedication.

She began her career as morning anchor and reporter for KWTX-TV. She has had the opportunity of working with several television networks.

Her employers at NBC are basically capitalizing on her beauty, anchoring skills and her prior work experience.

She also served for a stint as a freelance correspondent for E! Nguyen also worked in the CBS affiliate KTVT-TV based in Dallas.

Afterward, she joined CNN in 2004 as a CNN newsroom anchor.

During her tenure, she hosted shows like “Up to the minute” and “CBS morning news”.

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