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I thought I had obtained some pretty good advice, but was ill-prepared in the end.

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It’s the original high intelligence quotient society.

Membership proves that you are a certified brainiac – or at the very least a dab hand at Scrabble. Currently there are 24,000 egg heads in the UK and 100,000 worldwide. Mensa tests measure mental agility or logic – which is only one type of intelligence so don’t write yourself off if you fail.

Intelligence tests use different scores so MENSA ignores points and just looks at where you come in relation to the top mark. Ever try the brainteasers at the back of the newspaper? Here are some examples: What’s the connection between these words?

CORNER BRANCH PRICE COATS Answer here Rearrange “ROGER OBEYS” to give a fruit.

If you’re sick of typing, click on the microphone button to speak to it again the old-fashioned way, and, for example, ask it to send an email for you. Ask it to show you photos of dogs that you took, and it will search your Google Photos, if you use that service.

(The Google Assistant was already available as a chatbot on another Google app, the messaging application Allo, which Google announced at last year’s I/O conference.) It excels at giving you information The Assistant sometimes outshines Siri when you just want to know things, making it feel conversational—in a fun knowledgable way. It’s less connected to your i Phone than Siri The Google Assistant, unsurprisingly, works with other Google apps on your phone. (A couple cat photos snuck in, so it’s obviously not perfect, at least as of right meow.) Siri can do stuff like that too, but instead of searching Google Photos, it’ll look in your native camera roll app.

After an announcement Wednesday at Google I/O, the Google Assistant is now available on i Phones in the United States.

The tool shares space with Siri—relegated to being a smart sibling who's not allowed to come out and play as much as you want it to.

Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom.

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