Bt home hub not updating dyndns

The page loads fine, suggesting that there's not a problem with my dyndns account, though it still may be in the dyndns settings.

bt home hub not updating dyndns-39

DEBUG - NAT: updating mapping in puncher thread0x461aa470 ending with after about a 100 lines...

DEBUG - NAT deleting NAT Pn PPuncher My question is: Why is Plex doing this and how can it be stopped?

We suspect this is because the time on the Home Hub is synchronised between Hub and Handset, and the Hub may not be on the correct time.

We've been asked if the Home Hub supports remote access - so that you can connect to your Hub from outside the network - perhaps from work, over the Internet, maybe to change port forwarding.

Now our web server appears to our external client to be located at IPex and on port Portex.

If we put some typical numbers into this we will see our web server at Ip Address= 81.1 and on Port 80 All we need now do is to tell our external client to use these values.

Have been trying to find out why Plex prevents my Synology 212j from hibernating.

Synology is running DSM 5.0-4493 update 4 and Pex

A tutorial is available to assist with configuration. The client was written in java and supports windows, Mac, Linux, Os2, unix. i used an example from one of the other update clients..

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