dividend liquidating - Cacti graphs not updating after upgrade

It turns out the latest update to Cacti, the popular SNMP and RRDTool graphing program, has a bug that makes it so graphs based on SNMP Data aren’t updated after upgrading.

Did you update the with the latest from the development branch?

Below I describe the error in more detail as well as how to resolve this problem if you run into it.

Anyhow they were able to login to Cacti but the graphs were not displaying.

After logging into the server, which is running Cent OS Linux, I saw the error clearly in the Litespeed logs.

I was contacted by a client last week regarding a monitoring server they have deployed.

One of the applications they have gathering data from this server is Cacti.

We will start the process by installing Cacti in the new server.

A previous tutorial provides detailed information on how we can set up Cacti in the new server.

In this case rrdtool had been removed for some reason so simply reinstalling rrdtool using the Yum Package Manager as shown in the example output below resolved the issue.

If you want to first see if rrdtool is installed then use “locate rrdtool” but if it is not found then use the command below to install rrdtool.

You might want to consider upgrading RRDtool as I suspect many Graph Templates will start to incorporate --pango-markup attributes. The reason you still have this error is that you are using RRDtool 1.27, and you have selected from the GUI, that you are using RRDtool 1.3.x. @browniebraun : ok, that's what I started doing, I'll have to migrate from rhel 5 to rhel 7. It would be necessary to change the documentation, in the prerequisites it is written that rrdtool 1.2.x is supported: On the graph tab, you will have to use either the browsers debug tools, or install something like firebug on Firefox. Also, let me know your browser and version and os and version of your browser.

From either of these tools, find the Network panel, and inspect the reponse for the graph_json.php? Open it up, and see if there are any cacti errors in that output.

# ll -d sw02* -rw-r--r-- 1 apache webauthor 47992 févr.

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