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The first one, and the main subject of this article, is very simple and almost always overlooked: Many people are simply not healed enough to date and begin new relationships.I remember once during my post-divorce years going to confession to a very wise priest, Fr. I needed to rid my heart of the bad feelings toward my ex-spouse. I realized that my heart was like a prison where he was locked in a cell.That means that in the eyes of the church, without an annulment, you’re still married.

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Without going into details, (some of you know the story of my sister) my sister divorced her husband a few years ago.

Lisa Duffy’s friendly and uplifting tone radiates off the page.

The book’s opening chapter encourages the reader, first and foremost, to draw strength from Christ and not to turn away from His Church during this difficult time.

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To meet a wonderful person to share her life with--but would God not send someone her way, because she is still technincally married? Your sister may be correct in that her Marriage was a valid Marriage and seeking an annulment would not change anything.

She is at this point considered to be Married , morally cannot date and should not be acting in any way not appropriate to a Married person.

This morning I played hooky and went for a 6 mile hike with my oldest daughter.

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