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For instance, in 1980, the Holy Father stated, “The Holy Shroud, the most splendid relic of the passion and the resurrection.” Almost ten years later, in April, 1989, he was asked by reporters during an in-flight press conference on the way to Madagascar about the Shroud, and he responded, “It certainly is a relic!

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Salvation is that which is given to us by Christ” (Columbia, June 1998).

Nevertheless, the Church has been the official guardian of the Shroud for the House of Savoy, the former ruling family of Italy.

I am interested in timing, location, appearance; what worsens and what improves a person’s conditions.

I then place this information into the workings of known scientific diagnostic methods and potential accepted treatment. The better one can pull information from patients, the more they can be helped.

His predecessors have also viewed the Shroud favorably.

Pope Pius XII stated, “A precious treasure, the Holy Shroud, which displays, both to move and comfort us, the image of the lifeless body and tortured face of Christ.” And Pope Blessed John XXIII declared, “Digitus Dei est hic” (“The finger of God is here”).

, author Michelle Bearden profiled five Catholic scientists who have found that faith has had a profound influence on their work.

This web-exclusive piece compiled by Bearden shows that science can also point toward faith, as allergist Wayne Phillips explains how his scientific background has helped to advance the understanding of one of the church’s greatest unsolved mysteries: the Shroud of Turin. I take a meticulous history, finding “clues” from the details of the patient’s complaints.

Later, John Paul would tell a top aide that his duel with Satan felt like a ‘biblical scene.’” In “The Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age” (Viking), John Thavis, former Rome bureau chief for the Catholic News Service, describes this 1982 secret exorcism.

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