Changesets and updating work

Will this work properly, considering the changeset contains irrelevant changes to data I don't have?

Will this approach have any undesired consequences?

This extension modifies link types between the Work Items returned from Work Item query.

changesets and updating work-87

I thought I’d share some of the things I encountered.

A standard build based on the default build template will associate changesets and work items to builds.

The TFS Productivity Tools project was designed to provide TFS administrators with helper tools when doing Source Control or Work Item Tracking tasks.

For running these extensions the installation of Visual Studio Professional is required. This package was written as part of a job at Experis.

If you do not know or do not wish to save the actual author, simply use a placeholder value such as “UNKNOWN”.

As Liquibase executes the database Change Log, it reads the change Sets in order and, for each one, checks the “databasechangelog” table to see if the combination of id/author/filepath has been run.

In ember-changeset I'm implicitly casting when the value is set, which I think is more robust on the client side.

There isn't really any gain to be had from splitting it up.

After all changes are validated (using the ) method, then the changes are persisted to the underlying model. /cc @poteto The problem arises because if the user de-focuses an input without the content of said input being valid, the actual input value doesn't exist in the changeset, resulting in an incorrect error message displayed (e.g.

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