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Other rels were buzzing about in the area as Sylvia and Warwick are working out.For those who have not seen it, I attach the dear Bish's seal. The location of Babbyngle presumably was at/near Billingford, to the north west of Norwich, and not too far from Wymundham.Sixty thousand people came to pay homage during the three days his body lay in state at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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Thomas Norton, of Sharpenhoe, a manor and hamlet in the parish of Streatley,1 Bedfordshire, was a native of that county, and born in 1532.

2 Wood not inaptly calls him " a forward and busy Calvinist, and noted zealot;" but Strype incorrectly describes him as " a minister of good parts and learning," 3 conferring upon him the unattained degree of D. : a mistake into which the style and subjects of Norton's writings might well have led men more accurate than Strype.

The Providence and Plainfield Railroad, chartered in June 1846, would run from Providence to the Rhode Island/Connecticut state line.

The Hartford and Providence Railroad, incorporated in May 1847, would continue west to Hartford, Connecticut, and the New York and Hartford Railroad, chartered and incorporated in May 1845, would continue to the New York and Harlem Railroad at Brewster, New York.

Other portions in Connecticut and Rhode Island have been converted to rail trails.

The corridor from Providence, Rhode Island west into New York was originally chartered as three companies.

We know quite a bit about Prince Palatine Bishop of Durham, Richard Kellaw/Kellawe/de Kayley/de Callawe.

He may have been involved with the Montacutes of Devon unless they had previously taken the Isle of Man out of hock.

Spurgeon died in the same month as Cardinal Manning and Prince Edward.

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