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If you would like to add other eligible loans, your servicer must receive your Request to Add Loans Form within 180 days from the date your Direct Consolidation Loan is completed (originated).If you choose Nelnet to originate and service your Direct Consolidation Loan, you may request to add other eligible loans to it by completing the Request to Add Loans Form and send it to Nelnet via email Direct Loan [email protected], fax (402.858.3929), or mail to: Nelnet P.

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Dealing with student loan debt isn’t easy, and it becomes increasingly difficult when you’re looking into bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy discharges.

To streamline the research process, and to get a quicker idea of whether or not you really have a shot at qualifying for a bankruptcy discharge, I recommend calling the experts at the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline.

By lowering your interest rate, less additional money will be added to your total balance each month, ultimately saving you money!

Most lenders also allow you to refinance and consolidate multiple loans into one, making repayment much more manageable.

If you declare bankruptcy, you'll be able to rid yourself of your unsecured debts as well as your home and vehicle loans before you'll have any chance of reducing your student loans.

It's possible to consolidate some student loans.

While going to college is surely something to be proud of, and is a great investment in your future, most students and their families are unable to pay for it out-of-pocket.

After all scholarships and grants have been exhausted, the next option is student loans.

As such, most experts recommend using them only to supplement federally-backed loans and scholarships.

Since ALPLN typically come with higher loan limits than their federal counterparts, they are often used to cover the cost of tuition at expensive private institutions.

This page explains the student loan bankruptcy discharge process in detail, walking you through the different types of Bankruptcies (Chapter 7 vs.

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