Dating bucilla kits

There are even some more whimsical designs like the Santa Gnome and Snow Garden.

I have had the chance to see the kits as they come in to Merry Stockings, and I get to see many of the pictures of the completed kits that our customers send to us. Since this is my first try at constructing a felt stocking kit, I think I will pick a design with fewer details.

If a group of early settlers like her saw Welsh quilts, there is no doubt in my mind how they would have interpreted them - always assuming the appropriate fabrics were available.......

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Bucilla has at least 3 poppy design applique quilts during its kit history, and the one Cinda asks about 1117, is surely one of the earlier ones if the Bucilla kit numbering system is any indication. How long did a particular pattern remain available? At one time I thought there might have been a 'version' of kit quilts going around in Northumberland because there is a small number of quilts with similar bold designs in the same fabrics, (nothing like the elegant US kits) but that seems to have been just a small cluster and not a commercial enterprise.

The others are #2003, Poppy Applique ( Jan.1930), and #8971 Garden Poppies (ca. Progress and Home Needlecraft Creations also had poppy designs, as did other kit manufacturers. All I know of kit quilts is what I've read on QHL or in American books.

A German born lady who married an Englishman and has lived here for more than 30 years learnt to quilt at my classes.

Although surrounded by English decor and sensibilites she looked at my class sample and then instinctively created a quilt with a strong sense of colour which some might call Amish, while all about her were either copying mine, or choosing traditionally English colours, or swallowing whole the dictates of particular fabric ranges.

Xenia, Where does Bucilla's numbering system start? I certainly haven't heard of a manufacturer over here, and I don't think your manufacturers exported. I've had a pupil who demonstrated this type of adaptation perfectly.

Cinda on the Eastern Shore ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 0100 From: "Sally Ward" Not so far as I can see, Cinda.

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Sally W Dear Listers: Today I received an email from our associate director who was "born = Amish" as he says..were discussing a photograph of him and he quoted = one of the basic tenets of the Amish faith -- Make no graven image of ANYTHING that is the earth below or the heavens above ...

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