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It would have been fun to go, but I’m glad she found someone she actually knows to go with her.It really mitigates the chance of getting catfished that way. It’s just a lot to handle right now and I’ve had a huge influx of messages lately.After seeing a Facebook post by Ashley Harrington, who was seeking a formal date for her roommate, 21-year-old Joe Adams submitted a ‘dating resume’ for consideration.

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Two or three hours later, my résumé was born." Oh and 6. For a while, the whole thing was just an inside joke between friends.

But then last week, fellow student Ashley Harrington put up a post in a closed Facebook group for the MSU class of 2018, looking for a date for her roommate (who she swore wasn't a weirdo but was just too busy with her schoolwork to bother looking ~for love~ herself).

Similarly work: do you want a partner who has an interesting job, or is well paid, or does something worthwhile? In dating CVs as in professional ones, people tend to add in little white lies such as “I am a master of Italian cuisine”, when they mean "I can bake a frozen pizza for 30 minutes without burning it".

This is worth avoiding: the odds are you'll get found out.

I’ve gotten literally hundreds of messages since the post went viral. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten any handwritten letters yet; that honestly would be the best way to grab my attention.

Many of us are painfully aware that trying to get a date can be as stressful, time-consuming, nerve-wracking and generally depressing as trying to get a job.Apparently, Adams became inspired to make a “dating resume” after he was denied by a girl who asked him for one in the past.At the time, he didn’t have one — so he decided to write one for his next dating opportunity.Or why you end up with the same type of person on the same old dates? This can help you realise where you are going wrong, what your best attributes are, and how to achieve dating success.Just like a professional CV, a dating CV should be made up of the following elements: basic details such as age (both your own and that of your ideal companion), and address (or rather the 'catchment area' for potential dates - how far from home are you willing to cast your net? You should also include a dating history; who you've dated, what years (to – from), their best and worst qualities, and a summary title: Mr Never-again, Lord Love-of-your-life. We live in a world full of dating apps, and sadly, you’re only as good as your witty pickup lines and online profile.

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