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I signed up for health insurance and checked into a hospital lab for tests. Never believe people who tell you that cancer is a silent killer.

If you are in touch with your body and your feelings, you’ll know it before you read it on your lab results.

And talking about lab tests, don’t be satisfied with a normal blood work. I realized I had to be in charge of my health and not allow anybody else to make decisions on my behalf, so I insisted on more tests.

In the end, here I was with the news that I had, indeed, breast cancer. Gloria Mattioni successfully fought breast cancer by eliminating estrogen-raising foods like dairy, coffee, gluten and red meat from her diet and using only natural supplements like Chrysine, Bioperine and cannabis oil.

Everybody tried to reassure me that everything was ok, but I wasn’t convinced.

Long story short, after ten blissful years without ever setting my foot in a physician’s office, I decided I had to figure out the causes of my symptoms.

Michael Epstein’s on November 22nd and has made the full documentary available online.

New York City granted Lennon and Ono freedom to engage in everyday activities of shopping and walking in Central Park without the mania that hounded them in England.

Gloria Mattioni is a writer, blogger, speaker and documentary producer.

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