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The union for Ontario’s prison guards wants the province to update policies regarding transgender prisoners after a woman with male anatomy was housed in the all-female section of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.Dan Sidsworth, who represents corrections and parole officers in Ontario, says the number of inmates who identify as transgender is rising.Sex dating in south California and have just as well as our first.

At the time, she says now, "I was kind of numb because it was all really, really surreal." After being taken from the dock, she was put inside a prison van with men.

"That's when I knew that there was going to be problems.

But on Wednesday, an inmate in Ottawa was placed with women and “special accommodations” were made to assure the transgender person’s safety, Sidsworth said.

Toronto lawyer and legal scholar, Kyle Kirkup, agrees with the decision in Ottawa.

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Back in 2003 the New York City and New York City is the city.Sidsworth said he received a call from guards there seeking guidance.“Every time an inmate comes into custody, there seems to be a higher level of confusion. Are they going to be housed in female population or housed in male population? “Right now the policy doesn't speak to that clearly.” Sidsworth said a transgender who identifies as female, with male anatomy, is usually housed with the male population.Transgender prisoners are vulnerable in US prisons due to a general policy of housing them according to their birth-assigned gender or genital configuration ( trans women would be placed in women's prisons), regardless of their current appearance or gender identity.There was cheering and people banging on the windows." In the reception, other inmates initially assumed she was a member of staff: "When they'd seen me being checked in, they were just confused, and then they were cheering and making comments.

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