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Then you spent more time on her job than you gave to Felicity’s Havenrock storyline, or John’s being in jail storyline. Then you turned Oliver into Ollie 2.0 by making him an unbelievable douche. Don’t get me wrong, that last part was hilarious, but what the hell were you thinking with this whole storyline? No one is asking for a whole episode of Olicity going shopping. What we want is Olicity together in a healthy, happy, normal relationship.

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These figures are the showstoppers, the novelty that has attracted the tourist eye, but they are just a small part of the overall puzzle that make up the Nazca Lines - they mostly take up a 10 square mile strip near the south bank of the Ingenio River in an overall line-covered area of 400 square miles.

The rest is geometrical forms, trapezoids, spirals, zigzags, and thousands and thousands of miles of dead straight lines.

My first album, , which was released two years ago by ASpecial Thing Records, was not only a professional milestone, but a personal one as well.

I know that as a young comic in the 2010s, I’m supposed to be all about the TV or Netflix special, but when I was a kid I would go to sleep almost every night listening to the Richard Pryor, or the George Carlin, or even Cosby albums. I never thought I’d describe the late ‘90s as a “more innocent time,” but there you go.) To me, the comedy album was the real Big Time.

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The Romans liked to watch people fight animals in arenas, the Aztecs enjoyed a bit of human sacrifice, and the modern Australians love a good barbecue.

The ancient Nazca people, meanwhile, stuck out in the remote desert in southern Peru, appear to have enjoyed nothing better than drawing thousands and thousands of vast straight lines and animal pictures in the desert.

Whenever Arrow has been at its strongest it was when the focus was on character. When you force characters on your audience and we tell you we don’t care, that isn’t out of pettiness, or because we want our ship back, its because you failed to introduce and write for these new characters in a way that would invest our interest. Appreciation should be shown for the incredibly talented cast that you are lucky to have.

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