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I have the book "The System" but I dont think its legal posting it here so I wont but its definately great and worth checking out just use the torrent search on pb "doc love" And if you are offended by torrents and think its worth the 99 bucks please go ahead and buy it because its worth the money. I've bought the book some years ago and it really opened my eyes on women's true nature.

Quietly hold her in your arms for 10 seconds, stare into her eyes, act like you enjoy it, no kissing, when meeting her and and departing. Move very slow, stop, backup, this raises interest level. Does she offer a backrub or give you the phonebook to call a Chiropractor? - Recognizing 'Buying Signals' - the subtle ways she lets you know that she's interested in you.

Romance - Do something special or buy her a small gift every few weeks. Female Traits (Attitude): Integrity (Loyalty, Trust, Honesty) - Would you go into business with this woman? - The importance of asking for her phone number correctly and what her answer really means.

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The radio show: This guy is legit (not some pua bs) and talks about real issues in relationships & how to solve them.

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Doc Love is the author of "The System: The Dating Dictionary." In his book he answers the question: Why does a woman choose to stay with one man versus another?

Stevens, which addresses callers' questions on women and dating. The philosophy he advocates for dating is called "The System", which is laid out in his book, "The System: The Dating Dictionary." The primary concept in his teachings is for a man to be a challenge to the woman he is interested in.

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