Endpoint not updating virus definitions

If all is well, you should see a gold shield icon in the lower right of your desktop.

If you see a slash over the gold icon, it is not running and should be enabled.

Applies To: On-Premise/Saa S Applies To Versions: VSA 6.3, VSA 6.5, R7, R8, KAV6, KAV10 If the VSA is reporting that the endpoint's virus definitions are out of date, please run a manual update from the KAV module: If the flag does not disappear, please confirm if the virus definitions are out-of-date on the endpoint.

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Make sure you review the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of SEP 12.1.x, and check out Symantec’s Help diagnostic tool to determine if your system meets the minimum requirements.

There are a lot of moving parts to admin work, so here is a list of Symantec’s guides to content revision configuration, server certificate updates, GPO, testing authentication, central deployment, Live Update, and clients with both SEP and Data Loss Prevention: If your users do not use a VPN, you should change the Live Update policy setting to use the default Symantec Live Update server – this allows remote clients to update any time they connect to the Internet.

Virus definition files search for known patterns in your files and are updated at least daily.

Since new viruses and malware occur all the time, it is imperative that your virus definition files are updated regularly.

Also, tune the scheduling frequency down to one hour.

For all other locations, make sure you use the SEP Manager to distribute product software and content updates.

According to Symantec, an upgrade to version 12.1.5 will take much longer than you expect (sorry).

It’s slow because the upgrade process converts all existing content to an optimized storage format, so plan for an extended upgrade time.

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