Error validating user via ntlm

However, the documentation has a note which reads "The EDN does not support durable subscriptions (whether they are backed by native AQ or Oracle Web Logic Server JMS).

The subscribing service component must be running to receive events."This note in the documentation is outdated and in the documentation and is not valid anymore.

• Port: This is the port number that the service is listening on.

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Se faccio getent passwd ottengo la lista degli utenti e con getent group la lista dei gruppi.

Se però faccio wbinfo -t[2006/09/13 , 0] utils/ntlm_auth.c:winbind_pw_check(427) Login for user []\[mario]@[server] failed due to [winbind client not authorized to use winbindd_pam_auth_crap.

Bug: 22628159Added: 05-May-2017Platform: All SOA Suite 12.1.3 version supports SHA2.

While renaming a service component or binding component artifact, you cannot rename SOA Projects and Composites as opposed to what is stated in the documentation.

Ho bisogno di fare l'autenticazione degli utenti con winbind e ntlm su squid, con samba come PDC.

L'avevo fatta circa un anno fa su un'altra macchina ma adesso si vede che sbaglio qualcosa.On this page: (Last updated: 09-May-2017) Stream Explorer SOA and BPM Suite Common Functionality Technology Adapters Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Application Adapters for Web Logic Server Application Server Legacy Adapters BPEL Process Manager Business Activity Monitoring Business Process Analysis Suite Healthcare Integration AIA Foundation Pack Business Process Management Business Rules Business-to-Business Integration (B2B) Event Processing Enterprise Repository Enterprise Scheduler Human Workflow Mediator Service Bus Managed File Transfer Oracle API Catalog Oracle API Manager Oracle Event Processing on Oracle Java Embedded System runs on any platform that can run Java Virtual Machine Server of Java Standard Edition Embedded 1.7.* and 1.8.*.However, Server Java Virtual Machine is supported only for the following processors: Eurotech's fast-gateway is a x86 processor and slow-gateway is a ARM processor.Ho configurato samba come PDC, installato winbind, configurato squid con i parametri per fare l'autenticazione con ntlm ma non funge.Ho aggiunto la macchina al dominio con il comando net e mi ha detto ok. For a list of issues and workarounds pertaining to Oracle SOA Installation, Upgrade, High Availability, Enterprise Deployment, Performance Tuning, and Web Services, as well as SOA on IBM Websphere, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes.

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