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‘I want a woman to be President,’ declared one of the ambulance drivers interviewed by Sherief Elkatsha for his film Cairo Drive. He was fed up with the struggle to do his job in the chaos of the Egyptian capital’s streets clogged by 14 million vehicles.

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The strangely hypnotizing video caused quite a stir on social media because of the sheer size of the creature. Last year, in a similar incident, a giant gator wowed golfers by sauntering across a golf course.

One person commented: 'You'd be prying me out of a tree and finding me clean clothes.

The film sees protestors of all political hues arrested and thrown into the back of a police van, where most of the action takes place.

The film explores the societal and political implications of the overthrow on the populace.

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He set out to give us voices, not tell a political story, and this lies behind many of the films shown in last weekend’s Film Festival, held in the radio theatre at Broadcasting House.

The festival, now in its second year, is fast becoming a forum in which issues that are not openly discussed (usually because it is forbidden, sometimes under pain of death) can be addressed.

It is not known when the footage was captured, but it appeared online on Wednesday.

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The opening film (by Christine Garabedian) set the scene with a dramatic documentary from the United Arab Emirates.

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