Global social dating service internet brings people together

For the most part, the Internet is a democratic place.

It has connected billions of people, made publishers of us all, and has played a (debated) role in revolutions across the globe.

While social media, at its core, is built around the idea of socialization and connectivity, it has also had a dynamic effect on how people communicate with one another.

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The only parallel that can help us understand the change we are living through is the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450.

Until that moment, every book had to be written out by hand, by a tiny clique of monks who were known as scribes.

They were the filter through which all knowledge could be transmitted or received.

This gave the Church near-total power over writing.

On the day I joined the club, there were 200 million people with email accounts. The internet has transformed the way we think about ourselves - the groups we belong to, the information we know, the people we date, and even our sexual fantasies.

The story of this decade is the story - in all its strange sinews - of the World Wide Web.

On the first day of the Noughties, I sent my first email.

I sent it from a different world - one in which spam was something my nan ate from a can, blackberries were a fruit you picked from a tree, and where if you told somebody you wanted to poke them, they'd punch you in the face. Today, it seems like a second skin, spreading out over all my friends, all my colleagues, and all the world.

According to its website, Ivy Connect aims to establish a “dynamic private members community across 50 global cities, with 10,000 hand-selected members in each location.” Currently live in New York, with roughly 2,000 members and what one employee calls “a healthy waitlist,” Ivy Connect brings together a young urban professional elite for parties, excursions, and TED-style talks.

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