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The news, once more, caused a sensation within the industry as well as with fans until SM Entertainment stepped forward to deny the claims.Enews spoke with the agency on November 22 which said, “U-Know Yunho and Go Ara are not dating and [the rumors] are entirely untrue.” The agency added both stars are also currently not seeing anyone.

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In the drama, Park Seo Joon and Hyungsik play hwarangs who are in love with Aro, played by Go Ara.

During the show, the two actors were asked how their dating styles in real life compare to the ones in the drama.

) - Yun Ra, Yunho's security, Yunho's manager all go to see a move, Good Morning President.3rd "Date"Nov 10 - Yun Ra, Lee Sang Yoon and their managers have a picnic on Nami Island.4th "Date"Nov 15 - Yun Ra, Yunho's friend, Ara's friend all go out together.---Dating: A couple of years ago when Ara was rumored to be dating Lee Teuk, that was true, but they only went out for about 6 months.

Another big rumor is that Lee Soo Man found out about this and got really upset.

Park Seo Joon and Hyungsik revealed their dating styles!

On the December 16 special pre-show episode of 'Hwarang: The Beginning,' actors of the drama shared behind-the-scene stories and discussed different topics to get the viewers excited for the premiere of their new drama.Park Seo Joon stated, "I'm straightforward." Hyungsik, on the other hand, described his style as, "I observe for a long time, so I can date for a long time." Hyungsik's.I like the intense, deep, mysterious type of men and relationships/love.In most of the fan accounts, the fans only mention Yunho and where he went but Ara went out with him on a lot too.Ara's fans feel like the fan accounts aren't mentioning Ara because they don't want any rumors to start so they are deliberately leaving out Ara's name.When she was in junior high, she was recommended by a friend to audition for the talent agency SM Entertainment.

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