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Branch of Heidelberg Cement Rus became sixth enterprise in Russia which hosted an event of this kind.

Major players of the Russian industry are preparing for the transition to a fundamentally new approach to the regulation of the environmental impact and its subsequent decline.

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Teams were having access to the quarries during six months to carry out their research which resulted in the final reports.

The business game for the issuance of integrated environmental permit (IEP) took place at the cement plant in Novogurovsky settlement on November 10, 2016.

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The national ceremony of the 3rd round of the Quarry Life Award contest in Russia was held in Tula State University on November 15, 2016.

5 teams, whose project proposals were selected out of 30, presented the results of their research.Heidelberg Cement launches the fourth edition of its competition promoting biodiversity For the fourth time Heidelberg Cement is inviting to participate in its international scientific and educational contest.The “Quarry Life Award” targets innovative approaches to study and boost biodiversity at quarry sites and aims to raise awareness about mining ecology.Through this article she has given some information on how to choose best DBA for internal and remote DBA support.Are you part of a small or medium size organization?The truth is that this question normally presents itself in an array of ways.

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