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With the exception of men’s events and pastoral conferences, can you think of any large gathering of Christians that attracts more men than women?

Women are more likely to teach and volunteer in church and are the greatest participants in Christian culture. It’s sad.” Bernice from Connecticut says, “I have a large extended family. Once he’s inside the sanctuary, he puts on a smile and plays ‘Mr. ” Caroline is a twenty-nine-year-old single woman who won’t date non-Christian men. There are quite a few single women but hardly any single men in church today.

It’s no exaggeration to say that American Indian women are missing from most media coverage, history books and classroom discussions.

But at least journalism students, instructors and state educators in Nebraska are doing something to help end America’s ignorance of Native women and the contributions they make to their communities, their tribes and to the nation as a whole.

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It was a beautiful summer day and the larks were singing.She was impeached by the tribal council, who said she was acting outside her duties as president. Women lead nearly one-quarter of the nation’s 562 federally recognized tribes. “Through the late 1700s, Cherokee women were civically engaged.They owned land and had a say during wartime,” writes Astrid Munn in .With so much female presence and participation, the church has gained a reputation as a ladies’ club in the minds of men. Can he offer a detailed explanation of his feelings? Not one of the men goes to Mass, let alone confession.” Vicki’s husband, Ron, attends their local Baptist church. Every day it gets harder for single Christian women to find men for romance or marriage.I’ve wanted to write this blog for a really long time. One pastor recently told me, “If it weren’t for the postman, every visitor to the church during the week would be a woman.” Male pastors come and go, but faithful women provide a matriarchal continuity in our congregations. This man at work was pursuing me, so I told him our first date would have to be church. He never called again.” Connie, Bernice, Vicki, and Caroline know from personal experience: Women comprise more than 60 percent of the typical adult congregation on any given Sunday.

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