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I don't have the staff to produce this album, so I guess it's gonna be DIY. The shark men cam to raid our kitchen, and they took all our pot pies. F# A B F#It will kill us both Repeat bridge and chorus Stephen Smith DDon't go to sleep, 'cause sleep is when the monsters get you,and all the pretty little horses will go away foreverif you fall asleep Don't go to sleep, 'cause sleep will make you tired and grumpy,and Mom and Dad will hate you and probably leave each otherif you fall asleep. The day is mine.|: G#m F# B :|(3x total) G#m I'll finally claim ownership of the planet. Nothing can stop me now not even my fool...assistants; though they screw up, it will be cool.chorus solo (same as chorus)Now you lie there strapped to the table. chorus (with a break in the center)Stephen Smith Thanks to Chuck, Hillary, and Dominic Verse: G Db A B GThe torn flesh of her last victim squishes between her toes. Chorus: Em G Em G Em G Em Dimitri and the werewolf, werewolf, werewolf. but he will brag of me when I don't sur-vive I rise again; this is number ten. I barely escape the carnage and violence.repeat chorusverse I'd be glad to meet their demandsif they'd just tell me what they wanted.

Which is fine by me 'cause who really needs sleep anyway? D E (D E D C)An ogre sitting in a tree Verse A G F# F I don't feel like an ogre(Born to do the hand jive, baby)A B C D Even though I wanna be one(Born to do the hand jive, baby)Ogres live a better life,and they have a lot more fun.repeat chorus Verse One day, I was sitting in a tree; I saw the ogres passing by. If I couldn't I would surely cry.repeat chorus Fat Kid Emo Pants Stephen Smith F D Long ago in high school I was a scrawny whiner. I am just way too punk to dance in my fat kid emo pants E D C Every night I cry myself to sleep 'cause you're not there. We followed them to save our dinner lest we starve to death. I'm watching you everywhere you go,you think you can escape my love,but realize I love you so. Chorus D B C# A B C#My love is like a cobra; it strikes with speed and grace. Chorus My love is like a loyal dog it misses you when you're gone. Her hunger subsides but will return soon, she knows. (repeat)Verse: Dimitri was a poor innocent little boy. He approached, and she let him play with her at first. Bob's second job Was lucrative 'til one night in December Bob's truck hit a fat old red man Who seemed familar, but Bob couldn't remember. I'd make it up, whatever insultif I knew how I'd affronted.repeat chorus 2x repeat intro as ending.

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Eisenstein explores her own identity from a past that her parents, both Auschwitz survivors, don’t especially want to talk about.

Using the healing power of humour, the film probes the taboos around a very particular second-hand trauma, leading us to a more universal understanding of human experience.

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But they tell me an album's gotta be 10 tracks long, and we've only got 8 or 9. The Hand Jive Stephen Smith, David Smith Thanks to Ryan Mc Carthypre 2003Chorus A G F# FSee me as I wanna be. C Bb Then I went to college and gained the "freshman 15." I need a whole new wardrobe that's big enough to fit me, but shows my friends that I'm still just an angsty teen... I need my fat kid emo pants; they weigh me down 'til I can't Bb C F dance in my fat kid emo pants I used to out shopping exclusively at the Gap and buy the tightest jeans they had fit for a girl Now I've crossed the mall to my new home at Hot Topic Black and goth and Disney: it's a whole new world I need my fat kid emo pants doo doo dee doo doo doo, black and wide covered in chains. It's too late I have out grown you, and you don't care! We met with them in peace discussions, but they laced our food with metchorus When I awoke I was in prison; all my friends were far away. My love is like re - ality; it's always in your face. My love is like eternity; [it] goes on and on and on. But the hunger returned and off all her hungers this was the worst. Corbett and Chaucer Verse: D D# D F D D# D FBob was a clown Each day he stood there trying to juggle. Chorus: CSanta is dead Bb We killed him with our words C#Santa is dead, CAnd now he's food for the birds verse: Suddenly deer rushed out of the forest Knocked over Bob's truck and dragged him out Then they cursed him for killing their leaderwith their shiney sharp horns they threw Bob about repeat chorus verse: This is the end of my sad storythough it is quite tragic, it's also trueno, Virginia there is no Santa Claus He was burned and scattered and the reindeer rendered into glue repeach chorus twice Stephen Smith C#m B A B C#m C#m B A B C#m I respawn the fifth such one; he tries a-gain. Plan BStephen Smith 9.20.08Chorus C G F GOh the best-laid plans of mice and men look really good on paper.

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