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The break is official before he can even process it, but a Facebook-enabled discovery that Annie had been cheating helps Otto get comfortable with the idea of dating new women.

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After he's injured in an ATV accident, his daughter Edie (Audrey Scott) asks mom Annie (Melanie Lynskey), "Why do these things always happen to Daddy?

" "Because he doesn't pay attention" is the reply.

His turn is a fine fit for the seriocomic spirit of a picture that, while less distinctive than the earlier film, should have little trouble connecting with viewers beyond the fest circuit.

PHOTOS: Nas, Robert De Niro and Susan Sarandon Attend the Tribeca Film Festival Schneider's Otto Wall is an avid runner who can barely cross a room without tripping on something.

Women, not saying you, need to be more careful about who they become involved with.

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screenwriter Angus Mac Lachlan goes back to North Carolina for the story of a man blindsided by divorce.

Paul Schneider shines in the role, stumbling through a dating world that has changed since his character got hitched, thanks mostly to social media.

And though she ambushes him in the worst possible way — inviting Otto to a counseling session, where her therapist (Celia Weston, playing a character deserving of her own sitcom) does the dirty work — we’ve already seen that she was over it. As the wronged party, Otto is now free to reenter the dating pool as a middle-aged man.

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