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Usually health related, have you had him to the vet?

The number one reason for inappropriate peeing is Urinary tract infection and/or crystal formation in the urine. Male cats can block very easily, and once blocked, they die within 24 hours without emergency vet treatment.

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What is his freakin problem and how can I stop it, I\ve used cat sprays, I\ve bought all new things, I\ve caught him in the act and hit him on the bum, what else can I do. I understand your frustration but he is trying to tell you something.

I want to keep him but if this keeps up its going to be VERY VERY DIFFICULT to do so!!!!! When cats don't use the litter box it's for a reason.

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Because there aren’t enough public bathrooms they tried to hide into nearby woods to empty their bladders.

Some are gray haired ladies, but that is not overwhelmingly common.

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