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As for playing I usually like to be submissive but I won't be like that with everybody, yo...Hello everyone welcome to my profile my name is Kimberly but you can call me Kim or my nickname Missdarkness if you please. Age, location etc are no limits as long as you have a dirty mind.

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I'm into many things such as Movies , Books , Anime and many more I love tv shows such as Attack On Titan and Walking Dead and al... I'm into most things but not underage, piss, toilet, animals and alike.

I love a dirty chat or some naughty comments on my...

Seeking women that know what they want / need from a man.

I have urges that need to be satisfied with the right woman! So, I'm John, I was on here before the site crashed as one of those people witha fuck-ton of fursonas, I rarely played as any of them with the exception of one.

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I can be as tender as you want or as rough as you need ...choice. Before the skight crashed, I didn't think I would need them again so I deleted all of them. If you recognise my screen name i need not introduce myself, if you don't, then come chat : P I go by the name of Luster here.

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