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Polyamory is sometimes referred to when speaking of the concept of abundant love.

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This is generally a common mis-conception and generally misunderstood by the public.

To be polyamorous simply means that you are not monogamous in your relationships.

sense may also be used of meaning that is intelligible or reasonable: There's no sense in what you say.

significance refers to a meaning that is only implied: the significance of a glance.

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Polyamory is sometimes used in a broader sense, as an umbrella term that covers various forms of consensual multi-partner relationships, or forms of consensual non-exclusive sexual and/or romantic relationships.

Polyamorous relationships can be open in which the committed partners agree to permit romantic or sexual relationships with other people, or closed, in which the participants do not engage in relationships outside of the defined set of committed partners.

The practices of engaging in closed polyamorous relationships is sometimes called polyfidelity.

That simply is how the polyamorous definition is properly explained.

Polyamoruous people practice Polyamory (see dictionary meaning above) and are also known as Poly people.

The terms primary (or primary relationship(s)) and secondary (or secondary relationship(s)) may be used to indicate a hierarchy of different relationships or the place of each relationship in a person's life.

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