Ponder dating espn reporter conflicts of interracial dating

A fan asked Ponder if he was dating Steele, and the NFL star confirmed back in October.

In a later interview, Ponder said: "The cool thing is that obviously, we're both working at the same time, so we don't get to see each other that much.

It also may have made them wary of Moran — was Farrell sharing information about players that should have been kept within the confines of the clubhouse?

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He welcomes suggestions, news tips, links of pure genius, and pictures of pets in Halloween costumes here, though he already knows he will regret that last part.

ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Ponder used to be known as ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Steele. You put Christmas lights outside.” He was like, “You should go look at it.” It was December in Minnesota, and I’m from Phoenix. We wanted to leave early, but everybody was like, “No, don’t leave.” I’m thinking, “Gosh, we just got married.” BS: So nobody knew you’d gotten married? That was stuff you’d hear: “He should be concentrating on football.” SP: I’m sure he would love it if I would just shut up on that kind of stuff. The only distraction was fans saying, “It’s a distraction.” There was no distraction. I still was on the road six days a week doing college football. As far as a girlfriend taking up all his time, I didn’t have time for him. BS: Were you concerned at all about dating an NFL quarterback, considering you’re in the media? SP: There’s a reason no one even knew we were dating.

SP: I don’t like him to know this because I try not to compliment him, really, ever. Look, you get to the point where you’ve dated enough and you know yourself well enough. I think over time you kind of grow more and more numb to it. BS: You’ve been a studio co-host and sideline reporter for ESPN. SP: I wanted to be the local reporter for the Phoenix Suns.

I knew what I was looking for, and I certainly knew what I wasn’t looking for. BS: Would you describe your courtship as whirlwind? At the same time, when it’s about your family, you feel different. I thought that would have been the greatest job ever. BS: What is the best story in college football right now?

Last season was a tumultuous one for the Vikings quarterback.

A strong first four games devolved into a ragged eight-game stretch.

First: Christian Ponder, rumored previously to be dating ESPN's Samantha Steele, seems to have confirmed it (you never know in the age of hackers, but this has been up for several hours now): Michael Rand started Rand Ball with hopes that he could convince the world to love jumpsuits as much as he does.

So far, he's only succeeded in using the word "redacted" a lot.

Christian Ponder stood on the red carpet outside the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last month, wearing a black tuxedo and looking every bit the leading man he still might become.

Flanking the Vikings quarterback at the pre-ESPYs show was his co-host and the other half of football’s potential power couple.

Ponder rebounded to play his best football in December and lead the Vikings to the postseason, completing a franchise-record seven-win improvement from 2011. A bruised triceps kept him out of the team’s first-round playoff loss to the Packers and raised questions about his toughness, rekindling skepticism over whether he is a franchise QB.

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