Primate dating techniques

Generally, it is the bone that is fossilized as they are the hardest parts of the body and take the longest to decay, giving time for the minerals to crystalize and harden.

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Over the past four decades, primatologists have made prolonged close-range observations of monkeys and apes in their natural habitats, and we are discovering much about social organization, learning ability, and communication among our closest relatives (chimpanzees, and gorillas) in the animal kingdom.

In particular, we are finding that a number of behavioral traits that we used to think of as distinctively human are found to one degree or another among other primates, reminding us that many of the differences between us and them are differences of degree, rather than kind.

Now that you have an understanding of living primates' morphology and behavior, it is time to learn about the origins of primates.

the study of primate evolution is multidisciplinary in nature and incorporates data and methods from paleontology, geology, anthropology, and archaeology to study the fossil record of primates.

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