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I think this refers to OAuth 1.0-style authentication using token secret.

You’d only need one of those if you were requiring signed requests.

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:/ I had to apply a small hack, and generated a new #!

When working with an access token, you may need to check what information is associated with it, such as its user or expiry.

The three permissions we are granting are manage_pages, offline_access, and publish_stream.

Manage_pages grants the application access to pages which your account has access to. Paste the resulting gigantic URL into the location bar of your browser and visit it.

Well, this was my original problem (and that's what I am using to trigger a non-successfull (non-200) HTTP status code.

By now it is resolved for my actual code, but for testing this I broke it again.

Also, in response to certain events that are security-related, access tokens may be invalidated before the expected expiration time.

In most apps, the best way to handle expired tokens is to capture the error messages thrown by the API.

Thanks to comments from Joshua Inkenbrandt, Alex and [3.5.1.

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