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Sarah Mc Lachlan's world nearly fell apart when she divorced her drummer Ashwin Sood in 2008 -- but these days, she's finally able to laugh about it."Yeah, the marriage part didn't quite work out," the singer tells Spinner.In order to do that, I feel like I need to continue to have new material, which spurs me on and also gives the audience something new to attach to.

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It’s a refreshing change from the last few turbulent years for the singer — a divorce, the loss of her beloved father and brother, and the severing of ties from both her management and record company of 23 years.

“Life is lumpy — you don’t get to this point in your life unscathed,” she says.

"Apparently that's a bit of an epidemic, so I just make light of it." PHOTOS: Better after breakup!

The 43-year-old Grammy winner admits that it wasn't always so easy to find humor in her heartache.

It’s a Christmas project, to be titled Wonderland, due for release next fall, that features Half Moon Run backing Mc Lachlan on a selection of seasonal favourites. “They’re the sweetest boys,” Mc Lachlan says, sounding like a proud mom as she talks about her favourite new band.

“They’re so lovely and I’ve never seen a band get along so well.

It’s like glorified camping for them,” Mc Lachlan says.

“We’re in a different city every day, and there are hotels and pools and room service and science museums.” , and has no plans to expand her repertoire to include scat singing or jazz standards when she visits jazz fests. “That would be disingenuous and embarrassing because I suck at it.

I started writing it over four years ago, and I did not plan for it to take that long, but making the album was punctuated by a lot of different things slowing me down, derailing it and just distracting me generally.

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