Sccm advertisement status not updating

For example, if I launch Endpoint Protection on my computer it tells me it was updated today and has definition 1.155.2307.0 but within the SCCM console my computer shows that it hasn't received definition updates in 3 days and shows my computer as having definitions 1.155.2190.0.

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However, especially when Embedded Enabling Features (EEF’s) or the limitations of embedded devices come into play, deployment packages for embedded devices need to be created with a slightly different mind set than those for enterprise scenarios.

SCCM packages – the basics Configuration Manager should simply be regarded as a transport infrastructure.

This means the deployment package should be able, for example, to check for prerequisites, run the installation absolutely unattended and do a rollback if something goes wrong or if an uninstall is requested.

With this in mind, it is pretty evident that creating such a setup routine yourself is a demanding task.

It just provides the means to distribute packages to a targeted set of devices in a reliable, bandwidth optimized, robust and scheduled way.

The installation logic that is required for a software update must not have any dependencies on this infrastructure as it needs be able to work self-sufficiently to deliver reliable and robust patches.

In the following example, the client never re-tries to install the program even if the Windows Installer return code is in this list: 1.

You configure the Schedule in Advertisement to "Rerun if failed previous attempt" (see Tech Net (Configuration Manager): Advertisement Name Properties: Schedule Tab). The Reporting properties of the package are configured to use a "MIF file name:" of The command line in package’s program is something like "/I "msipackage.msi" /QN /M MIF /L*v.

Re-running the summarization and refreshing has not worked over a period of hours.

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