Secular dating vs christian dating

Christian tradition see David's battle with Goliath the victory of God's king over the enemies of God's helpless people as a prefiguring of Jesus' victory over sin on the cross and the Church's victory over Satan.

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A host of prominent and powerful people have been working towards the establishment of this New World Order, and a for a long time.

) of Gath (one of five city-states of the Philistines) is a Bible character described as a giant Philistine warrior defeated in one version by the young David, the future king of the Israelites.

Post-Classical Jewish traditions stressed Goliath's status as the representative of paganism, in contrast to David, the champion of the God of Israel.

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The coming of the New World Order was announced by President George Bush Sr.

He heralded the coming New World Order twice in this speech he gave during the Desert Storm campaign in in March of 1991.

Also ignored is the fact that even if Jesus existed, there is no clear consensus on when he would have been born.

So even if we assume that it is legitimate to use Christianity as the basis for how we define our dates and years, we can't assume that we are doing it correctly.

There is a trend among scholars towards using "BCE" and "CE" as year markers rather than BC and AD.

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