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the law mindset Two excellent sermons on Romans 7: "Law School" by Dennis Mc Callum and "Splitness" by Tim Keller Romans 8, part 1 (vv. Uses clips from Dennis Mc Callum's Walking According to the Spirit (Part 3) and Tim Keller's Mortification Through Joy. 18-39), courtesy Andy Elliot Saul's Damascus-road experience and its influence on the theology of Romans.

Romans 9:1-10:4: What do we make of Jewish rejection of the Messiah?

Uses a four-minute clip from Doug Stuart on "love" and "hate" in the OT.

It could lead to arguing, yelling, screaming, boozing, sulking, getting the old silent treatment, and a bunch of kids that are goofed up and making you feel guilty." That is a gloomy outlook, but no one can honestly say that the institution of marriage is not in serious trouble.

When one-half of all marriages end in divorce and when many young people are choosing to live together instead of get married, proves that marriage is not as honored as it used to be.

This would account for James's references to trials and oppression, his intimate knowledge of the readers and the authoritative nature of the letter.

Wilson (Willie) Bentley (1865-1931) was born on a farm in Jericho, Vermont.

At first he did not believe in Jesus and even challenged him and misunderstood his mission (Jn 7:2-5).

Later he became very prominent in the church: If this early dating is correct, this letter is the earliest of all the NT writings -- with the possible exception of Galatians.

That the recipients were Christians is clear from 2:1; 5:7-8.

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