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Are you looking for a kink aware/friendly therapist in a vanilla society without fear of being forced to come out?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to right place.

Dallas is full of secrets, and thankfully they're not all dirty, Jerry Jones sex stuff.

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In the second study, 395 participants were given a list of common sexual regrets and were asked to indicate which ones they have personally experienced.

The last study replicated the second one with a larger sample of 24,230 individuals that included gay, lesbian and bisexual respondents.

"Are you have trouble in your relationship, and are in need of a listening ear?

Do you find yourself struggling with your gender identity and need a nonjudgmental place to turn?

One night on our way to dinner at Cremona, an Italian restaurant on Routh Street, she told me she could be served liquor anytime, anywhere she wanted it. “OK,” I said, “you go in this restaurant and order us a couple of drinks while I park the car. Just see what you can gel on your own.” When I walked into Cremona, two perfectly chilled glasses of chardonnay were waiting. A month later, I asked her about the rumors I had heard of wild parties in hotels after big school events like prom, and that some parents actually rented these hotel rooms for their teens. Parents don’t have to-we can rent our own hotel rooms.

So on a Friday night at the Doubletree Hotel, Lincoln Center, my scrubbed, blue jean-clad “baby” stood with her 15-year-old boyfriend in the lobby, trying to gel a hotel room, while I sat anxiously in the car.In the largest, most in-depth study to date on regret surrounding sexual activity, a team of psychology researchers found a stark contrast in remorse between men and women, potentially shedding light on the evolutionary history of human nature.Researchers for the peer-reviewed study included University of Texas at Austin evolutionary psychologist David Buss.The study was led by Andrew Galperin, a former social psychology doctoral student at the University of California-Los Angeles; and Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor.It is published in the current issue of "Prior sex researchers have focused primarily on the emotion of sexual attraction in sexual decisions," Buss says. "For men throughout evolutionary history, every missed opportunity to have sex with a new partner is potentially a missed reproduce opportunity a costly loss from an evolutionary perspective." Haselton says.While you’re there, chat up founder Bucks Burnett and hear his interesting music stories, which are almost as plentiful as the eight-tracks.

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