Speed dating for rabbits

Winifred’s anxieties were clearly on display—trembling, heart-racing, scanning the room for the nearest emergency exit—she exhibited the symptoms that any single person would tell you are emblematic of the stressful (and sometimes traumatic) experience we like to call “the first date.” Not only is it Winifred’s first date, but it’s her first time speed dating.

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Here's what to keep in mind as you look at our adoptables: Do you already have a bunny? As much as we'd love to keep our Petfinder listings perfectly accurate, we're pretty busy and we often have bunnies who are available but not listed on Petfinder.

Contact us to let us know what kind of rabbit you are looking for (gender, etc.) even if you don't see the perfect bun online!

) If the fur doesn’t fly, chances are there will be a suitable match. If you have a single, spayed/neutered bunny, you can set up “speed dating” sessions with a rabbit rescue near you.

His owners, Ashley Chui and Arthur Chow, thought he might be lonely while they were at work.

Our shelter is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Seattle--it's a pleasant drive.

Basically, you'll go to the end of 520 and then drive around 15 more minutes past lots of trees and pastures to get to Special Bunny.

“Rabbits are inherently very social creatures, so we highly recommend that you get your bunny a partner bunny,” she said.

“The reason we do it is rabbits are highly territorial.

It wasn’t love at first sight for Phyllis and Irving, nor was there fur flying – a good sign when it comes to bunny speed-dating.

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