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Like finding love in the real world, it ain't easy.

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Quantum Break is a sc-fi thriller which delves into time travel.

About Quantum Break Quantum Break is a science fiction, action adventure 3rd person shooter video...

It's very easy to pick out what you're supposed to say to these fake, digital people to make them love you.

So many games with dating elements boil down to easy win conditions, wooing success.

Built for #Na No Reno2015, SDot C is a work in progress, which hopes to include a range of diverse character arcs and uncover the individual details that make each character special.

We aim to promote diversity in the dating sim genre, while being respectful to the original IP Bioware have created and hope that this will become a positive fan addition to the Mass Effect world.

Hot Date is a pug dating sim from George Batchelor, a U. It's essentially a game of speed dating — a timer is set, and you bumble through questions in hopes of sussing out your soulmate.

It sounds as weird as any other animal dating sim, but it's worth a try; the game is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC at a price you name.

Details about the game were revealed by Satoru Iwata at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.

Spirit Tracks was put on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"No, I don't want to see your piteous collection of R. Listen, buddy, I didn't judge you when you said you were a lifelong Backstreet Boys fan. Other dates started with promise — discussions came alive with talk of Lil Jon (neither of us are fans) and our deep fear of vacuums ("Aren't we all a little afraid of vacuums...") but usually took a sharp turn.

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