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In real life, the couple dated until 2010., where they didn’t portray siblings but actually, an uncle and niece.

So for two seasons, Serena and Dan were legally step-siblings.

Even when two Sims marry, what makes them part of the same family is that one moves in with the other. The parent-child relationship does exist, but is not recorded as such. Using the "Age of Instant" charm or a third-party program to turn a child into an adult will break the parent-child relationship.

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) was never officially confirmed but the rumors swirled and swirled while these two teens starred on the hit Disney Channel show about a family of New York wizards. But when the cameras stopped rolling, these on-screen family members acted anything but.

Makes sense since there’s a 12-year age gap between the duo.

The family relationships in The Sims 2 are more complex than in The Sims.

Since family trees were a new addition to The Sims 2, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, siblings, and cousins now exist.

A stepfamily is a family where at least one parent has children that are not genetically related to the other spouse or partner.

Either one parent may have children from a previous relationship.

A step-grandmother is the wife of one's grandfather, and not one's biological grandmother.

A step-grandfather is the husband of one's grandmother, and not one's biological grandfather.

A child is referred to as the stepchild, stepdaughter or stepson of their biological parent's new spouse, and that person as the stepparent, stepfather or stepmother of the child.

A stepfather is the husband of one's mother, and not one's biological father.

List of Family Relationships in The Sims 2: Life-extending items such as the Elixir of Life and the Cowplant, or resurrection can allow a Sim to live long enough to be a great-grandparent.

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