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The extent of such protection within the international target market has also been proposed as a consideration for international market selection process (Cavusgil, 1985).

5, 83-95DOI: 10.12691/jbms-1-5-2Copyright © 2013 Science and Education Publishing Cite this paper: Simon Gyasi Nimako, Benjamin A. Construct Specification and Misspecification within the Application of Push-Pull-Mooring Theory of Switching Behaviour. Despite the prospects of the PPM framework as a dominant paradigm for current and future research, there is evidence of divergent specification of constructs for the PPM framework in empirical studies.

Email: [email protected] paper principally addresses the issue of construct specification and misspecification within the context of the application of Push-Pull-Mooring (PPM) theory of consumer switching behaviour (CSB), and what implications it has for practicing marketing researchers.

A number of researchers have either developed decision frameworks (frequently referred as models in the literature) and methodologies for international market selection or applied existing ones (Moyer, 1968; Walvoord, 1980; Cavusgil, 1985; Vargas-Carcamo, 1986; Root, 1987; Walsh, 1993; Kumar et al 1993; Hoffman, 1997; Daniels and Radebaugh, 1998).

The legal environment of a country, that is, the set of laws and systems to enforce those laws established by a society to govern its members behaviour, must also be assessed by the international marketer as this determines the political and legal viability of potential international market.

The results indicate that the strong predictors of the intention to use m-payment are perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness.

All respondents reported that the compatibility of m-payment was not the primary reason in their decision to adopt it.Articles and books are suggested below that one could consult when trying to better understand psychometrics and related issues.While the emphasis in the list is on literature from the academic discipline of marketing, many of the references are from other fields, particularly psychology.* These are the most important readings on the list in terms of understanding the process of developing a multi-item scale.In this paper, we reviewed the relevant literature regarding mobile payment services, analyzed the impact of m-payment system characteristics and user-centric factors on m-payment usage across different types of mobile payment users, and suggested new directions for future research in this emerging field.To analyze the adoption behaviors of m-payment users, we proposed an m-payment research model which consists of two user-centric factors (personal innovativeness and m-payment knowledge) and four m-payment system characteristics (mobility, reachability, compatibility, and convenience).Pull, Push, and Mooring effects are identified as multi-dimensional construct that should follow a first-order reflective, second-order formative specification in the application of the full model.

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