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If a stock's Beta is greater than 1, that means that when the market index goes up 1%, we expect the stock will go up by more than 1%.On the contrary, if the market goes down by 1%, we expect the stock to go down by more than 1%.

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YCharts calculates the 60 month market beta by regressing stock returns less the risk free rate of returns on the market returns less the risk free rate of return (Market returns come from the S&P 500 Total Returns Index (SPXTR), and the risk free rate is the 4 Week Average T-Bill (Monthly).

There must be a minimum of 36 months of stock returns for a company to have its beta calculated.

For real estate investors, incorporating can protect an individual's credit rating if a property is foreclosed upon, suffers investment losses or is the subject of a lawsuit.

Rental-property ownership carries some legal risks, including environmental contamination, fire protection and slip-and-fall liabilities.

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By incorporating, a small business can gain more protection from lawsuits or possibly lower its taxes, while choosing among different structures that can help with the management and organization of the company.

In general, a real estate investor is treated as a sole proprietorship, in which all the profits from property investments can be taxed as income.

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