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Fission track research at our laboratory started in 1983 with a study by P. Since his return to the university, fission track research (in co-operation with Prof.

This variation in track length can yield additional information about the cooling history of a sample, because the longer the residence time of a sample in the partial annealing zone, the larger will be the variation in track length around the mean value.

Therefore, fission track data can be used more effectively to study the thermal history of a sample if the apparent age determined from track density is augmented by study of the length of etched tracks. However, the etching of fission tracks in glasses tends to yield circular pits because of the smaller difference in structure, and hence etching rate, between tracks and the free surface.

However, to avoid processing delays we ask customers to send requests at a maximum rate of 50 requests per second.

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Our laboratory is specialised in apatite fission track analysis and glass studies.

Depending on age and CFission tracks are thermally unstable. Van den haute, P., De Corte, F., Jonckheere, R., Bellemans, F. The parameters that govern the accuracy of fission-track age determinations: a re-appraisal.

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