Video chat girls on credit card - Updating questhelper

Open your Friends Panel and you'll be seeing Stars! • Clicking on a filled in Star makes it empty again.

• When a Star is filled in, it sorts to the top of the Friends List immediately • If there are multiple people with filled in Stars, they appear at the top of the Friends List alphabetically.

In either case, please submit your data file (this is double the fun, since it will contain all the errors ever collected by QH since installation or last purge, plus it will contain all the data needed to build the database)." Just because your error message is different, doesn't mean it's not the same issue.

Please note: this is only for the arrow being completely , not for 'misdirection' of the arrow.

Could you please tell us what quest you're currently on that the arrow is stuck on?

As far as I'm aware, there's no way to disable the quest helper.

While it is a useful feature, I'm in the process of leveling an alt where I wish to take my time.

OTHER NOTES: As always, please do not post errors or the contents of your Quest files into the comments section. If you get an error, please check for a similar error.

If there is one already, please comment on that issue, otherwise go ahead and open a new issue.I don't use UI addons but I'd be surprised if they don't allow us to move and possibly customize the quest tracker as well.I'm not sure about removing sparkles and arrows and blue highlights, but there might be an addon that masks them.Some of that information can easily be created by hand if I have enough other information.Mostly I think I am missing map ID's, but if I have the zone names, I can enter the information manually, though slowly.I'd like to be forced to explore my surroundings like the old days (Artificially extending the game for myself), but the glowing outlines around enemies/objectives, markers all over my minimap, and blue shaded areas on said map are really pulling me out of the game. uncheck Outline Mode Doesn't stop the sparklies though.

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