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where he complains about the same thing, but says there is no solution shy of updating What if you have a 200 column table and you want SELECT * to return all 200 columns?

Sorry, but you’ll have to enter all 200 column names in that "@" record.

Summary of VOC Emission Updates Updates to chemical mechanisms and Secondary Organic Aerosol Modules require additional emission species.

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Note that files implementing this version of the mechanism in models are not yet available, and it is recommended that modelers continue to use SAPRC-07 until the ongoing project to comprehensively update SAPRC-07 is completed. The updates to the gas-phase mechanism, and its performance in simulating ozone formation in environmental chamber experiments, is documented in the report "An extensive series of environmental chamber experiments to measure secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation from aromatics have been completed and the results were used to develop a version of the SAPRC-11 aromatics mechanism to predict SOA formation from aromatics This is documented in the report "In the process of preparing a manuscript describing the gas-phase SAPRC-11 aromatics mechanism, several corrections and modifications were made to the gas-phase mechanim.

These are described in a manuscript that has been submitted to Atmospheric Environment and is avaible upon request.

And if you add, delete or rename a column, you’ll have to remember to edit that "@" record. This cumbersome approach dates back to Uni Verse’s ODBC driver, and I suppose they can’t change it now without breaking a lot of applications. ITEM ACTIVITY pm PAGE 1 1 001 LEXMARK MULTI PRINT 002 THD 003 PJ 007 10355 009 Y 010 CAGNEW 011 1531 014 1ý2ý3ý4ý5 015 Deinstall Make/ModelýDeinstall LocationýSigned Off ByýData/Voice AvailableýR elocated Location 016 1ý2ý3ý4ý5 2 001 OMN 002 OMN 003 PJ 004 OMN*8437 005 6 009 N 010 CAGNEW 011 1538 You could very quickly and easily write your own LIST routine. It would take one argument such as filename and would read the dict for the file, get all the fields in that file and dynamically build the correct LIST command and then execute it.

You can find the details described in inscrutable IBM-ese in the Uni Verse ODBC Guide. Of course, there is a limit to how many it can actually do, so it may file. Also, more generally, you should visit Rocket Software's U2 Site.

RCA-VOC format is used by RCA Digital Voice Recorder, and is totally different from Creative Labs VOC format. VOC files can contain audio clips, music, instrument sounds and sound effects that are used with the associated Creative Labs hardware device.

The VOC file format is a compressed file format, allowing for a reduction in the size of the audio file.

So I can get the total column listing (column name & display name) using: (@id is the only thing in @).

UPDATE I found a blog -- a living breathing person who id using a version of Uni Verse older than mine!!

SOAALK is a precursor to alkane SOA and is a subset of ALK4 and ALK5 in saprc07 and part of PAR in cb05.

These species include C6 and larger cyclic compounds, C8 and larger linear or branched.

This results in the creation of XYLMN for CB05 and ARO2MN for SAPRC07. Pouliot, Modeling the role of alkanes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and their oligomers in secondary organic aerosol formation, Environ.

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