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Mini-Me actor Verne Troyer is divorcing his 6ft 2in wife - after she found love with a tattooed biker.

The 32-inch tall star is said to have been left heartbroken after model Genevieve Gallen - who he has been estranged from since last year - found a new boyfriend. Last year, Verne tried to get the marriage annulled, claiming the union was not valid.

Genevieve once insisted it was not the 'Austin Powers' star's tiny height that caused problems in their relationship - but the fact that so many women throw themselves at him.

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Verne Troyer was only a baby when he was diagnosed with dwarfism.

Rather than be discouraged by his smaller stature, Troyer used it to his advantage during his school years.

Troyer was born on January 1, 1969, in Sturgis, Michigan, and grew up in the small town of Centreville.

He is one of three children born to Susan and Reuben Troyer.

Evil.) Mini-Me proved to be so popular that dolls were made with Troyer's likeness—a true sign of pop-culture status.

(2009), which became a troubled project after star Heath Ledger died before filming was completed.

Then I was reading American comedian Chelsea Handler's book, My Horizontal Life, in which she describes the various men she has been to bed with – one of whom happens to be a midget.

And then this week I was trying to dodge the traffic to get to the Beverly Centre on La Cienega Boulevard, and a motorist leaned out of his window and yelled: "Idiot midget!

Other actors were brought in to finish the film, but the end result received less-than-stellar reviews and did little at the box office.

That same year, Troyer appeared on the British reality competition Troyer was briefly married to Genevieve Gallen in 2004; he had their union annulled after about a month.

" At first I was most offended by the "idiot" part of the abuse.

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