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In my case, I have a fresh installed Ubuntu14.04 server in a datacenter (root server) where I will install the VNC server so that I can access the Ubuntu Gnome GUI remotely. In case that you havent a Ubuntu minimal installation yet, follow this guide for the basic installation of the Ubuntu server till Chapter 11. My network details are as follows: Please make sure that you are using only vnc-server & no other VNC-server are installed as this could give errors in future mostly that clipboard sharing between the host Ubuntu Server & vnc-client machine. Enter new UNIX password: Password too long - only the first 8 characters will be used xauth: file /home/srijan/.

vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard-90

Other popular desktop environments are "KDE" and "XFCE-4.4".

XFCE is more light-weight than Gnome or KDE and available from the "extras" repository.

Add the line indicated below to assure that an xterm is always present, and uncomment the two lines as directed if you wish to run the user's normal desktop window manager in the VNC.

Note that in the likely reduced resolution and color depth of a VNC window the full desktop will be rather cramped and a look bit odd.

Note that clicking in a window will generally cause it to be updated, so if you have certain applications which don't update very well, try this!

The default update handling settings should be the right ones for most people, and in general you will slow things down by changing them, so don't do this unless you have applications which cause problems.Because standard versions of Windows only support a single graphical user being logged in at any one time, Win VNC makes the existing desktop of the PC available remotely, rather than creating a separate desktop as happens with the Unix server.VNC does not make a Windows machine into a multi-user server in the same way that Citrix-based software or Windows Terminal Server, for example, does.It has also been extended to work with non-X devices: natively on Mac OS X Aqua/Quartz, webcams and TV tuner capture devices, and embedded Linux systems such as Qtopia Core. Normally a virtual X session (Xvfb) is created for each user, but it also works with X sessions on physical hardware.See the terminal services mode of the SSVNC viewer for one way to take advantage of this mode.The same steps will work for Ubuntu desktops as well.

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