Who is andrea tantaros dating dating chennai

She said her allegations resulted first in her being demoted from The Five to Outnumbered, and then in her being taken off the air in April 2016.In August 2016, she filed a lawsuit against Fox News for sexual harassment, also claiming that Bill O'Reilly, Dean Cain, and Scott Brown made inappropriate comments to her, and that Brown and Cain touched her without her consent.Former Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker Dave Navarro is reportedly dating Fox News host Andrea Tantaros.

She looks hot and sexy in all her TV appearances, where she flaunts her long legs.

Most of her fans compare her to the Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino on the show “the Five”.

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News once derided feminists, saying they were not happy with their sex lives because they "run over men, have sex like a man, tell your man what to do, don't let them open the door. " Now Andrea Tantaros is getting more press than ever due to rumors that she is stepping out with Jane's addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.

Why would the dating news about Andrea Tantaros be any bigger news than any other celeb dating rumor?

Her sensible arguments and her sense of humor have won her many fans.

Because of her talent and skill, the show ‘the Five’ have become one of the hottest talk show in the United States and falls in second in the Fox News traditional display list.

She was a co-host of Outnumbered on Fox News Channel, and an original co-host of The Five.

She completed her graduate studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

The wedding ceremony for the marriage to Electra was televised.

After the failed love story, Navarro has said that he would probably not get married again.” Will Navarro change his mind on that? Neither Dave nor Andrea have confirmed the rumors that they are now an item.

In January, Navarro may have indicated he’s got the hots for Tantaros, who is a host of “Outnumbered.” He tweeted his excitement and appreciation for the TV personality, saying, “ “Even though they seem like opposites, they have a lot in common,” a source close to the couple told the magazine recently.

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